op-1-16-free-patches-aeOP-1 – 16 FREE patches 


16 presets for OP-1 Teenage Engineering – most of them pads, motion pads, drones (you may add reverb on master for better results!). 100% royalty free!
Please read the terms & conditions section before download & use.  Click here to download.

How to install the OP-1 free patches:
1. Download the archive and decompress it. Will result the AESOUND folder with 16 patches
2. Connect your OP-1 to computer via USB
3. Put your OP-1 in disk mode
4. Copy the AESOUND folder in to the Synth folder
5. Safelly remove OP-1 from computer – patches will be installed – after the OP-1 will reboot itself.

Please read carefully the OP-1 guide before.
Alba Ecstasy is not assuming any loss or damages that may results from the mentioned operations or method, or by using any third party software (or any software /methods to load the patches). Please read the “terms & conditions” section before downloading, installing and using the patches.