dave smith mophoScience – 64 presets for MoPho | Tetra | Prophet 08 (REV 1)
 € 12.00

64 new patches made by Alba Ecstasy for MoPho. The presets are compatible with MoPho, MoPho SE, X4, Tetra & Prophet REV1 (not tested on REV 2). The pack contains: drums, basses, leads, arpeggiators and sequencers. 100% royalty free!
Before you buy it, please download the free pack made on MoPho and test it! Check also an audio demo here.
Please read the “terms and conditions” section before you buy! The patches will be sent via e-mail. After you make the payment, the pack is sent via e-mail within max. 8 hours (also check spam).

dave smith mopho2MoPho RAW SAMPLE PACK – 88 FREE samples /loops 

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88 samples & loops extracted from MoPho Dave Smith Instruments. The original patches were created by Alba Ecstasy or altered from the original bank. The samples are in wave format @ 44100 Hz /16 bits and the loops @ 95 BPM (0001-0020) & 130 BPM (instruments loops) and are in raw format (no mastering). 100% royalty free!
Please read the terms & conditions section before download & use.  Click here to download (32.2 MB).

This short demo is made with 8 loops from pack.