eMotions – 64 ambient patches for Korg microKorg XL/XL+

64 ambient patches for Korg microKorg XL /XL+*. You receive 64 patches divided in 8 categories (the program genre button will change the category): MARS – pads, BASS – bass sounds, LEAD – lead sounds, ARP – arpeggiators, KRFWK – arpeggiators, KALM – atmospheric pads, CRZY – crazy motion /transition sounds, RNDM – one more sound of each categories.
Almost all the patches have routed functions on the mod wheel so use it when playing the sounds!
100% royalty free! Please read “terms and conditions” section before you buy!
The patches will be sent via e-mail. After you make the payment, the pack is sent via e-mail within max. 8 hours (also check spam).
*For compatibility and importing patches please read microKorg XL+ user manual