Alba Ecstasy

Since I was a kid, my biggest dream was to make music. Electronic music. Since then and until now I activated in over 30 professional fields – non music related.
It was a long way, but I am here right now doing what I dreamed about.

And what is great about this journey is that I have the opportunity to work with great names, studios and companies, or just being my regular customers: Peter Baumann, Wolfgang Palm, David Arkenstone, Ryan Carline, Christopher Tyng, Dan Romer, Mario Schönwälder (Manikin Records), Danny Budts (Syndromeda), Roland Corporation, Novation Music and many other!


Name: Mihail-Adrian Simion

In 1996 face cunostinta cu primul sintetizator, un Junost-21 – un keytar rusesc si incepe sa compuna primele sale teme muzicale, destul de… abstracte.
In 1996 get acquainted with his first synthesizer: a Junost-21-1 Russian keytar and begins to write his first compositions, tracks quite… abstracts.

In 1997 compune primele piese de muzica electronica cu ajutorul calculatorului: erau anii programelor precum: Studio 4, ReBirth, Hammer Head, Ruber Duck etc.
1997 – his first electronic music tracks composed with VSTs: it was the era of Studio 4,Rebirth, Hammer Head, Duck ruber, etc.

In decembrie 1998, Dan Parpauta [Casa Romano-Franceza Busteni] ii propune sa infiinteze o trupa pentru un proiect muzical intre orasele infratite dintre Franta, Germania si Romania.
In December 1998, Dan Parpauta [The French-Romanian Club] propose him to set up a band for a musical project between the twin cities of France, Germany and Romania.

Astfel apare in ianurie 1999, formatia ARCA cu urmatoarea componenta: Mihail Adrian Simion – band leader -(Alba Ecstasy) – clapa si voce, Horia Barleanu – chitara solo si voce, Crinu Dumitrescu – chitara bass si backing vocal, Jimmy Iordache – chitara armonie, Dan Ghetea – tobe. Trupa sustine cateva concerte locale in cadrul diferitelor festivaluri cu piese compuse de Alba Ecstasy si Horia Barleanu.
So begins in January 1999, the band ARCA, with the following members: Mihail-Adrian Simion (Alba Ecstasy) – band leader, keyboards and vocals, Horia Barleanu – guitar and vocals, CrinuDumitrescu – bass guitar and backing vocals, Jimmy Iordache – guitar harmony, Dan Ghetea – drums. The band performs some local concerts at various festivals with songs written by Alba Ecstasy and Horia Barleanu.

In vara lui 1999, trupa pleaca in Franta [dupa preselectia realizata] si inregistreaza 2 piese, pe un CD pe care mai apar 2 trupe din Franta (Vincent N’Co, Objectif Atteint) si una din Germania (Air).
In the summer of 1999, the band goes to France [after preselections] and records two songs for an European CD music project (Human Rights theme), project that also featured two bands from France (Vincent N’Co, Objectif Atteint) and one from Germany (Air).

In studioul de inregistrari Les 18 marches [Moissy Cramayel – Franta] Alba Ecstasy invata primele lucruri privind modalitatea de lucru in studio si masterizare si isi intalneste prima “iubire sintetica”: Roland D-70
At the “Les 18 Marches” studio [Moissy Cramayel – France] Alba Ecstasy learn on how things work with track recording & mixing and there he finds his first true “synthetic love“: Roland D-70…

1999 – august, este momentul in care trupa se destrama, la scurt timp dupa ce Alba Ecstasy paraseste trupa.
August 1999 – Alba Ecstasy leave the band and goes back to its solo career.

Trei saptamani mai tarziu [septembrie 1999], apare primul album Alba Ecstasy, “Spiritual” – un album de muzica electronica realizat in intregime numai cu ajutorul sintetizatoarelor virtuale (VST).
Three weeks later [september 1999] – first album of electronic music – Spiritual – made only with VSTs.

Urmeaza apoi cateva concerte de muzica electronica in formula Alba Ecstasy – Horia Barleanu, proiecte care s-au desfasurat sub numele de ZEN si mai tarziu Sons of the Sun (2001 – 2003). De fapt, acest proiect era structurat pe piese compuse separat de catre cei doi insa intepretate in concerte impreuna.
Then comes some electronic music concerts in the formula: Alba Ecstasy – Horia Barleanu, projects that were developed under the names “ZEN” and later “Sons of the Sun” (2001 – 2003). In fact, this project was based on tracks composed individually by each one, but performed together in concerts.

Totodata isi continua proiectul solo, compunand piese ce urmeaza a fi integrate in albumele sale viitoare din acea perioada (vezi sectiunea “Discografie”).
Meanwhile we continues his solo project, composing tracks for his next albums from that period (see the “Discography” section).

 to be continued…

last update: March, 2014