16-free-BSII-AEBass Station II – 16 FREE presets 

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16 presets for Novation Bass Station II. 100% royalty free! The audio demo present some of the free presets and was not mastered, this is the real sound of the presets.
Presets are not extracted from the “New Vintage” pack!
Please use the contact form to claim your free presets for Bass Station II.
After you send your request, the pack will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours (also check spam).
Please read the terms & conditions section before download & use.


The-new-vintage-BSII_Alba_Ecstasy-2The New Vintage – 87 presets for Novation Bass Station II

€ 12.99

>> Watch the first demo << | >> & the 2nd one <<

87 new patches made by Alba Ecstasy for Novation Bass Station II. 100% royalty free!
Please read the “terms and conditions” section before you buy! The patches will be sent via e-mail. After you made the payment, the pack is sent via e-mail within max. 8 hours (also check spam).

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