64+n patches for Korg Minilogue
€10.00 (next price with the updated patches will be €15)

64 +n (at this moment 64+1) patches for Korg Minilogue will be free updated after you bought once! Grab it now, still is 10 euros and you’ll receive more patches without paying more, even the price will be increased. Containing: atmospheric pads, deep basses and sweet leads, sequencers & vintage sounds. 100% royalty free! Please read “terms and conditions” section before you buy!
The patches will be sent via e-mail. After you made the payment, the pack is sent via e-mail within max. 8 hours (also check spam).

When I received my Minilogue I was not in the mood for it. In fact, I was kind of a disappointed when I pressed the keys and heard it. After one week and a lot of work with my new studio location, I (re)discovered the Minilogue and I payed more attention to it. And right there, it was that feeling, and I was like traveling with a Time Machine, being able to create vintage sounds (helped by the noise of the delay) from vintage times…
Hoping you’ll like too these sounds, here they are, in a short and partial video of the patches.